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A Boutique Healing Haven

Established in 2016 we provide authentic community offerings with a holistic lens on health and wellbeing. We offer yin & reiki classes, yin teacher trainings, reiki trainings, workshops for  personal development, energy healings and more…

Our work is authentic, heartfelt and life changing.

Through our offerings you will learn to better understand your feelings and the things you can change. You will reconnect with your body, release any held or stuck emotions, feel lighter, become clearer and more grounded. You’ll understand how the mind works and you’ll be equipped with accessible self-care tools, coping strategies and professional support to navigate through your own life or healing journey in a holistic way that is supportive and strengthens you.

Yin Teacher Training with a unique focus on trauma informed teachings and energetics

March 2025

Reiki Trainings

We offer reiki trainings to provide a gateway into spiritual & personal growth. Our Reiki Trainings are accredited by Reiki Australia and focus on providing you with accessible tools that will help you to expand your life, self-heal and support those around you.

Holistic Healing

Our therapy offering is evidence based, without being clinical. It’s soulful without being new-agey. We combine our longterm experience with our qualifications in science (psychology, clinical hypnotherapy, reiki and energy medicine) to support you when you need it most.

Trauma informed

Yin Teacher Training

Our teacher trainings have a unique focus on mental health in relation to yin yoga. You will learn about trauma-sensitive teaching, and how to incorporate healing touch into your classes. You will explore the core principles of energetics you can apply in your own practice and teachings.

Mindfulness Course

Learn evidence-based mindfulness techniques to change your internal mindset and manage stress better. Starting May 3rd, Wednesday nights 6.30pm. Join Wiebke for four weeks of mindfulness and community gathering to shift from ‘this is too much’ to ‘ I can handle this’. Each evening will end with a guided relaxation and healing touch of reiki.

Yin & Reiki Class

Yin Yoga cultivates wholesome states of relaxation and enhanced immune function. Reiki supports the body’s own life force energy and unlocks greater health and well-being. Students experience a clearing of energetic blockages and leave with a calm, refreshed mind, feeling mentally, physically, and spiritually rejuvenated.

Boutique Retreats

Our retreats are carefully curated for you to slow down and de-stress. We will be welcoming gently the summer months, giving ourselves the opportunity to let go of stress that has accumulated throughout the year. Through the healing blend of yoga, meditation, reiki and nature you will reconnect to self and regain clarity & focus.

What makes us different...


From the moment you walk into our healing sanctuary you feel at home, safe and cared for. The energy we created in the space will create the first step of energetic shift needed for your practice, health and wellbeing.

We are

Since 2016 we successfully offer holistic therapies, workshops, classes and trainings that are designed to help our local community to recharge, restore and reconnect. All our offerings are authentic, heartfelt and life changing.

We embrace energy medicine

All our offerings and services are focussed on increasing your vitality and sustained energy for your entire body. We have been offering reiki & energy healings since 2016 and you are in good & safe hands with us.

What our students & clients say…

Wiebke has truly created a magical community and space at Yogatime. I look forward to every class and reiki session and always leave with a great energy. I highly recommend all that they have to offer!


All the teaching staff are fantastic, the small classes mean teachers can really pay attention to each student, the little reiki and massage offerings during classes are lovely, and it is a space that welcomes everyone. It feels like a community.


Yogatime is the most beautiful, peaceful sanctuary amongst Bondi. Im so grateful to have found this place to experience high quality yoga teachings and classes, an intimate space to feel safe and seen and deepen into my practice. Theres yoga classes for all different levels and experiences and I highly recommend this yoga studio to the locals and visitors of Bondi.


Besides the classes and teachers being amazing, I have done both my Reiki Level 1 and 2 at Yogatime with Wiebke and I can honestly say it was one of the most humbling experiences. Wiebke presence, energy and knowledge is so authentic and you come away feeling so comfortable and capable to use reiki as part of your own personal journey or with clients.


It is rare to find such a friendly, down-to-earth, healing atmosphere in the Bondi yoga scene.


Its a lovely space never over crowed and have the most amazing teachers.


The classes are great and the studio has the perfect size for you to improve your practice. It is also a beautiful community of like minded people. 100% recommended.


The most beautiful space where one can practice Yoga with incredibly knowledgeable and approachable teachers. No packed out soulless classes here just perfectly guided goodness throughout.


This place is yoga heaven! A haven of unheated, unpretencious yoga with fabulous teachers. A boutique studio well worth considering. xx

3 tips of mindfulness

Mindfulness can help

Close your eyes, ground into your feet and feel the connection to the earth. Take 5 deep, slow, long breaths.

Seated: Close your eyes and count 4 on the inhale and 4 on the exhale, finding balance in your in- and out breath. Notice how you can slow down the breath. Soothing the mind.

Place your hands on your heart and close your eyes gently. Silently repeat the mantra: ‘I am at ease’ on the inhale and ‘no stress can harm me’ on the exhale.

Our Story

Our founder, Wiebke Queisser, started her career as a psychologist working in a hospital in Germany. She found that including energy work & mindbody practices transformed the way her clients felt, opening up a channel of trust, safety and ease. In 2016 she opened up our holistic yoga haven Yogatime. Since then she has created a beautiful healing haven for the local community to reconnect, restore and recharge.

“I started the Yoga & Health clinic because I could see so many people being affected by stress, anxiety, loneliness and other symptoms of our modern day livelihood. I wanted to provide a place accessible, down to earth, where you can be yourself. A place that allows you to feel safe, where you can pause, breathe. reconnect and become part of likeminded local community.”

We had a chat with Wiebke about how to live a life that is aligned with our soulpath. She created a life designer toolkit for you. Download your free toolkit with some inspirational journaling questions to move closer to your purpose and soulpath. We hope it will inspire you.

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