2023 Let’s Lift Each Other Up

My wish for 2023 is that we continue to cultivate a deep sense of unity and community. There lies so much strength in there. As community we can give each other that strength to shine our light. Community is the soul of the human. That is nature. We don’t’ have to try to come together because we want to be together. The beauty of community is people get to see all kinds of spirit. We get to appreciate how different people are and what our essence is. Some people are just so gentle. I love that gentleness. Other people have a different spirit altogether. And all that diversity is so healing.

In conformity, we don’t get to see nuance. An open-hearted society takes in subtlety and is based on love and support. Someone with an open heard does not say- you are not welcome. That is not the language of the heart. A mature society Is not afraid to hear perspective, is not avoiding the hard work of tolerance and forgiveness. There is no buying into the ‘us vs them’ mindset. We are all people.

The frequency of control, lack of diversity or conditioning is heavy and pulls our spirit down. We don’t want to vibrate with that darker frequency. When everyone thinks the same, when everyone is conditioned the same, community is impossible. We cannot harmonise. Imagine going to a concert and all musicians are playing the guitar at the exact same tone, that is not music. It’s just one tone. We need diversity.

Being back in Europe makes me realise how important it is to be real in this world. We have to be aware of this planet. And everything on it. And find a way where we are not destroying it. The most destructive force of all is ignorance. It just doesn’t care. It does not see what matters.

We are here to enlightened each other. That’s the way. We have to come back into that space of love. Where its exciting and where good things happen. Let’s find ways to lift each other up.

My reflection on 2022 is that I honestly believe that there is a lot of floating trauma, floating anxiety collectively. What we have been through as the collective and what we will continue to go through. To find that strength, it’s really impossible without each other.

People are craving stability right now. Be a rock for people, be a light for people. Help to steady the ship a bit for people. I can’t think of more important work other than being a source and inspiration of light. My wish for humanity is that people are free. And that we have the courage to ‘rock the boat’. The problem we have is that people know their truth, but they don’t know their voice. It’s so important to find a language where people feel safe to use their voice. This is what matters if we are going to be real in this world. It just matters. And having a place where we feel safe is so important. Because most of us haven’t felt safe for a long time. Our little Bali in Bondi aka Yogatime will always be that.  And nature can be that place too. I love sitting for my meditation on a big rock. Because it is always there. So go- sit there. Everyday. It’s so stable. We crave that. To be that rock. It’s so important.

My wish for you for 2023 is that you can hold your ground with a healthy strength. May you be highly highly grounded and shine your beautiful light in a way that is aligned to your heart. May you deeply care for this earth, the land, and the gentle and innocent folk.


The best kind of community is organic and really free. And it’s from there that something can grow and move.

Together, let’s lift each other up.


Much love as always.


Deep gratitude to my teacher and mentor Gareth. Thank you for your guidance and for sharing your light and wisdom with me for so many years.