How to change your energy levels so it adds to your health

Nearly 28 years ago I had my first panic attack and went through a rollercoaster of anxiety, stress and fear which took a huge toll on my emotional, physical wellbeing and energetic health. Through spiritual practice, support, psychology and in particular Energy Medicine I transformed my emotional, mental and physical health. I learned how to stay positive & calm and to remain grounded during the rollercoaster of ups and downs. Flashing forward I am so proud and grateful for with how far I have come.

Life will always be a rollercoaster with beautiful light moments and also darker times. It is important to let go of old stories and stagnant energies in our body. We can learn to find steadiness while experiencing ups and downs.  Energetic recognition and protection are fundamental pieces for our health and the Mind Body and Spirit connection. We have to stop scarifying our own levels of energy so we can radiate energetic health throughout our bodies. 

Our energy levels are foundational to any health condition or state. We’re not only talking physical energy levels and fatigue, but also cellular energy – having the energy to perform all the crucial biological functions. Our cells are like little energetic machines and we have trillions of them! Every cell has a frequency and a voltage. If you got one cell it doesn’t seem such a big deal but if you take that times trillions and if the frequency and voltage is just slightly less than normal, then your body FEELS like it can’t do what its suppose to do, it feels like running through mud!

The mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of you is such an important part in our health. It can either add or take away from health.  A simple morning practice can help to change your brain circuits to influence your energy levels for the day. So you can make decisions that feed you in the right direction. Ask yourself the question: Where are you aiming your core energy for the day. What is my intention fo this day, HOW do I want to feel? And then bring into that intention presence. Gift yourself with presence.

You can learn how to keep your energy in instead of letting it bleed out. And I am talking physical energy, cellular energy and subtle energy. We can deepen and train our sensitivity, it’s like a muscle. Becoming more aware what is medicine for us and what is poison. Making our daily choices based on how can we bring in more medicine and how can we minimise the poison. You can say no to people or events. It is OK to say no. If we say it with love and compassion. Remember your own choices are deeply, deeply personal and people don’t accept these choices, that is theirs to be with. You are crystal clear. Master your strength and learn how to stay strong and tall, rock solid in your choices.


It works I promise. With consistency and persistency, it will help you to transform your life.