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Wiebke, founder of our Bali Sanctuary, is a psychologist, yoga teacher and energy healer. Her classes are focused on spiritual practice, the energy body & breath. Drawing on her passion for Acu-energetics and Reiki, she blends in those healing modalities into her teachings. You will experience your energy body & prana flowing in her classes, leaving you feeling connected, expanded and grounded. You will love her classes: If you want to dive into the world of prana flow, fluid-breath focussed asana & the subtle body. All levels welcome.


Joao’s passion for arm balances and inverted poses has lead him to develop his own practice with slow movements, concentration and precision. His classes focus on Peak Pose sequencing, where, through progressive sequences, we prepare the body and mind to achieve those more challenging poses. His classes are progressive and you can expect to get upside down. You will love his classes: If you want to progress your asana practice and you love inversions. For strong & more advanced practitioners.


For Valerie, yoga is not only a passion, but also a lifestyle. It’s a place to explore the boundaries of your body & mind, and most importantly, have fun. Her classes are focussed on alignment and the body. She is moving you through a slower paced asana practice which allows you to feel the pose and learn the correct alignment. You will feel strong & fulfilled after her classes. Valeries spirit is uplifting and she makes her students feel welcome and seen! You will love her classes: if you like a slower paced & alignment focussed vinyasa practice.


Mischa loves exploring the senses to reignite your own connection to body, mind & spirit. Expect to be drawn into your body through movement & connect deeply to your breath. I invite you to take some time to go inside & have you leave feeling closer to yourself and the world around you. Her classes are a sweet, maybe a sweaty practice - taking you from Earth to Sky. Through a blend of pranayama (breathing) & asana (yoga postures), Mischa invites you to move your body mindfully through a sequence of shapes, creating heat & fluidity.


Lis’ classes are insightful and empowering. Through mindful movement, centering breath-work and functional flows, Lis compliments the physical with meditation, mantra, and space to reflect. These contemplations are inspired by yogic themes and in support of meeting the high demands of modern living with renewed clarity and strength.


Pau is an enthusiastic and active woman whose passion is to guide people find
emotional balance. Working as a yoga and meditation teacher, reiki practitioner,
Bioneuroemotions® coach and a holistic therapist, she combines a wide variety
of techniques to help you improve your practice both on and off your mat. Pau is relatively new in her yoga teaching journey however she has a very wise and powerful spirit and guides you confidently through a fast moving fluid flow incorporating philosophy and wisdom skilfully.

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