A little Bali in Bondi

Yoga and more

At the heart of our sanctuary, we’re a boutique yoga studio. But we’re more than that – we offer reiki & energy healing treatments and experiences to guide you on a transformational healing journey. Our founder, Wiebke Queisser, started her career as a psychologist working in a hospital in Germany, later on continued in the health industry completing her yoga teacher training in Sydney, Australia. Wiebke found that including energy healing & yoga in her work transformed the way the clients & students felt, opening up a channel of trust, safety and ease.

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“I started the Yoga & Energy Health clinic because I could see so many people being affected by stress, anxiety, loneliness and other symptoms of our modern day livelihood. I wanted to provide a place accessible, down to earth, where you can be yourself. A place that allows you to feel safe, where you can pause, breathe. reconnect and become part of likeminded local community.”

Wiebke Queisser

The Yoga Haven

This is the real stuff guys! We transformed a plumbing garage into a colourful cosmic playground in the Bondi Beach neighbourhood, celebrating yoga, spirituality, community, creativity and all that is and leads to healing. Down to earth atmosphere & small classes allowing Bondi’s local community to be simply themselves, starting, exploring and deepen their practice.

Energy Clinic

We ‘think’ in terms of energy when it comes to mental and physical health. We are made out of energy, the entire universe is made out of energy and healing starts right here. We are offering reiki treatments and energy healings. Helping our clients to shift from fight or flight to flow so they can feel liberated, more grounded and lighter.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you shift from fight or flight to FLOW. We want you to feel connected, grounded and safe. Life is full of challenges. We are here to help you reconnect to yourself and to reduce your worry and anxiety.

How anxiety has transformed my life

Meet Wiebke

I suffered from anxiety throughout my child- and early adulthood. My fear turned out to be a blessing as it has empowered me to heal, to transform and to be the healer and teacher I am today. Living a life I love, managing my fears well, being liberated and free.

Grab your free stress management worksheet.

We have got a few handy tips to help you tackle your stress & anxiety before it takes over.

Don’t let stress & anxiety rule you.

We are here to help. Energy Healing can help to build a stronger habit in your energy system so when something comes along, you will be able to get your energy back fast and you’ll get healthier the more you do it as you are not as vulnerable to things anymore that take you down in the first place.

Meet our team

Our yoga teachers are real people. Highly skilled, friendly & down to earth.

Meet our therapists

With a team of authentic and highly skilled therapists we got you covered. Experienced, gentle and down to earth healers who really get you.

Find your tribe

This boutique place attracts some truly incredible authentic souls and we’re proud of our community. Most people turn up to our courses knowing nobody and leave with a like-minded new local crew.

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