Discover Your Own Power

We are social creatures. When we are isolated from community/friends/ family our brain switches into fight or flight mode . Being isolated, signals to our brain of not being ‘safe’. Communication through fear, survival, manipulation creates even more fractured effects of isolation. People lose touch with their own power and a side effect of this is a feeling of ‘not being good enough’. It’s the law of repulsion. When we are in a state of repelling, things start to fragment even more. We feel more alone because we are losing the sense of unity and togetherness. We experience the pain of separation from each other.

What happens to one of us happens to all of us. So how do we get ourselves to CARE. How do we notice that something is happening that is injustice or someone is in a crisis? Caring matters. We can choose skilfully to be a caring member of the community. We have to steer the course and then others can join us. We have to keep our hearts open and we have to choose love. A lot of people think about love being romantic or it’s wishy washy… For me it’s an intelligent way of being, that allows us to connect with another, for wisdom to come through and to be present. It’s a lens that helps us to keep grounded, connected and interconnected.

So what we have to do is GROUND our spirituality. We need to find it in our friendships, our neighbours, our community. This is the easiest way you can access spirit. We can still talk to each other. We can ‘face-time’, we can walk together. We can still care. Community is important for healing. When community is really strong, people’s self-esteem is high.

Below are a few tips on how to ground your spirituality and how to find more connection with self and others (the below tips currently speak more to week three in Sydney lockdown, however can be applied in any circumstances)

  • Send handwritten letters to your friends (overseas and local). Create something beautiful, maybe a drawing, or just write a few words on what you appreciate about that friendship, the gift that person brings into your life.
  • Find NEW places to explore in your immediate neighbourhood. Actively seek a different way or experience. It is very refreshing and inspiring for your mind. You’ll find that you feel more awake after
  • Facetime with your close friends so you can SEE them
  • Find a new project- something you always wanted to do or start. Do something GOOD for your soul (and not ‘just’ netflix..)
  • Choose wisely what information and how much news you take in
  • Find some sort of inner, spiritual practice and start your day with it (it can be your yoga practice, or just sitting for a few minutes breathing calmly, resting your hands on your heart, journal..)

And most importantly have PATIENCE. This work is simple but not easy. We all want to transform, but most of us having a hard time doing so. Remember it took years, decades for us to become what we are today (as individuals, as communities, countries…). And of course there are external pressures that can drive our decisions and situations. So we have to appreciate that. We have to meet ourselves where we are. So we can practically put pieces and support together to move forward. This is a journey. These things take time. We have to have patience and develop self-awareness. And then we can choose skilfully not to add fuel to the fire but to bring in clarity, understanding and care. For ourselves. And for others.