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Monthly Reiki Bites

As part of the ongoing support of my reiki students and the community you can find here further offerings that will help you expand your skills and support your clients to transform and move forward in their healing journey.

Grief Interventions in Reiki Therapy

How to support our clients with grief

I’ve been working for many years with private clients now and most of them had to go through their own grieving journey. This was either the loss of a loved one, breakups, leaving the country, loosing health, or an unborn baby, abrupt changes of life dreams and visions. All of the above requires to grief, to let go in order to move forward and integrate these experiences in a way that they become part of our experience but not trigger a traumatic response anymore. We can help and support our clients and provide them with helpful tools and practices that will help them to grief and eventually let go.

As not many of us in our society talk about grief and loss, I decided to put this workshop on to start the conversation and equip my students and clients as loss and grief are also part of this life and our life experience journey. Looking at it, talking about it and knowing how to work through it will strengthen us and allow us to help either ourselves or others on this journey when required.


What you’ll learn:

Tools to support clients to work through grief

Take home exercises for yourself or your clients

Different types of grief

How does grief affect the energy body and nervous system

How to move stagnant grief from the energy body

How to schedule follow up consultations

This workshop will give provide you with education on grief so you can understand your clients better. You’ll get framework that will enable you to support your clients on their grieving journey and you’ll be better equipped with successful tools you can share with your client. It will enable you to establish a strong and trusted relationship with your client and help them to transform and move forward (vs. a ‘one off’ reiki session).


October 11th Wednesday


Investment: $75 early bird till October 3rd; After $147



This workshop is NOT for you if you are currently experiencing an acute mental health crisis (please seek support from a professional therapist and connect back with us when you are ready)

Reiki and PTSD


This will be the second part of my workshop series. Once it is up and running I will let you know. This workshop will cover different types of PTSD, theoretical knowledge, some practical tools to help move forward and also advise on when NOT to work with clients and to refer them on to health professionals. This is important as part of our responsibility and ethical work as well. Reiki can support but we are not meant to heal or work with PTSD primarily. However almost every reiki client has had some form of exposure to trauma or challenging life events so its important to educate ourselves and feel confident in our interventions and work with our clients.

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