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You can evolve your body so it can tolerate the influences in this world much better and you can enjoy your life.

We live in a world of constant change and stress is just part of our daily grind. But it doesn’t need to impact your life. Through Energy Healing you can build a stronger habit in your energy system so when something comes along, you will be able to get your energy back fast and your body builds habits. You will get healthier the more you do it and your are not as vulnerable to things that take you down in the first place.



‘I booked a healing session at Yogatime as I was feeling rather restless and unsettled, both personally and professionally. When I met Wiebke I was immediately comforted by her gracious and calming presence. I have had several healing sessions since – each one has been a different experience and always provides a sense of calm, relaxation and sometimes great insight. Wiebke’s practice is quite frankly amazing as she creates a unique, person-centered experience in a beautiful setting. I absolutely love my sessions with Wiebke and have recommended her to several colleagues who also thoroughly enjoy her work. I recently attended the Energetic Body Masterclass which was incredibly powerful and extremely beneficial. I look forward to continuing my healing journey with Wiebke at Yogatime.’

“Wiebke’s energy healings have reminded me that there is so much more going on than what we can see. These energy healings have focused and directed me, opening me up to my intuitive wisdom and creating space and choices that I may not have taken otherwise. Reiki has given me a shift in energy that I was not able to obtain from other talking therapies. Sometimes we need a shift in our body to make a shift in our mind and this is what changed in my life after these sessions. Generously, Wiebke produced a personal meditation/mantra for me, which I used/use daily, numerous times. I was dedicated to this as I had a particular (and very stressful) issue going on in my life. The outcome could not have been better, in fact it surpassed my expectations. I do credit this to the work I did together at Yogatime with Wiebke and the empowerment that I felt from being seen and understood.”


"The reiki session I had with Wiebke, was truly a beautiful experience. I released a lot and am feeling lighter now, and even more connected with my partner. It made me realise this is something to do on a more regular basis, t further release some of the tension in my body.'


"The treatment is simply amazing, I went in feeling exhausted and came out feeling like a new person. Thank you."


"Wiebke's Reiki energy healing sessions are amazing. I'm a local boxer and boxing coach and my life is filled with a great deal of yang energy. I struggle to slow down and take the 'soft route' that is needed to live a balanced, healthy life. The time I spend in her sessions in the clinic are some of the only times I'm able to completely relax and rest my mind and body. I'm truly able to get into my body while I lay there and her healing touch helps guide, free up and move the energetic blockages I've had inside of me for many years. There's something very special in her touch! I will continue to heal with Wiebke and I would recommend her and her Energy Clinic to anyone." Brenny. Bondi Boxing Gym


“ Wiebke is an incredible teacher, support and energy healer. As a reiki therapist her practise instantly helped me release blocked energy and equipped me with mantras, meditations and other amazing tools to set me up to continue making progress on my own after our session. More recently I had a distance healing session which was a such a help with the stuff going on in the world more generally and also in my personal life. This session helped me feel instantly at peace and I continued to feel the progress and shift in my energy for days after the session. “


Did you know?

Factors like stress can impact us and restrict the healthy flow of energy, creating more difficulty for the body to keep up the normal distribution of energy. This can result in chronic headache, tight muscles, anxiety, sleeping problems. By removing the blockages we allow the energy to flow freely again to be distributed to the areas where it’s needed, promoting healing on a deeper level.

Interesting Energy Healing Research

Energy Healing has a profound effect on experienced stress levels and a positive effect on almost every system in our body (M.D. Anderson Research Hospital).

Energy Medicine can reduce anxiety and depression symptoms creating a sense of deep calm and flow in the nervous system. (David Feinstein, Energy Psychology).

Reiki reduces stress & tension in the body, promoting in lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and has benefits for treating pain, stress disorder & depression. (Harvard Medical School).

Our Healing Treatments

Energy Medicine to help you shift from fight or flight to FLOW

3 tips on how to kick start your energy body!

Stand tall and start to shake. Shake your entire body for a minute or two. Then stand still and pause. Feel the astounding effects.

Sage or Palo Santo are two amazing ways to clear your body at the end of the day. Particular our crown chakra can pick up negative energy, so make sure you cleanse your crown chakra with either or at the end of the day as well.

Visualisation: Visualise pure, clean light coming into your body on the inhale. Filling yourself up with pure, light and clean energy. Do this for 5 minutes.

Don’t let stress & anxiety rule you.

In order to manage your stress, you need to know how to effectively deal with anxious and stressful behaviours and thinking. Here are a few handy tips on how to find some ease and calm when the stress or anxiety kicks in.

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