How does energy healing work?

You are energy. The entire universe is made up of energy. In our everyday lives, we encounter factors like stress which can impact us with conflict and restrict the healthy flow of energy (bio-electricity).  Our bodies have difficulty to keep up a healthy fluid distribution of energy. When your body isn’t flowing naturally, it can result in all kinds of symptoms like ongoing headaches, anxiety, and even depression.

Reiki is a relatively modern (Usui Method, early 1920’s) healing modality with a unique and effective approach to treating illness in the body. It works by connecting to the universal field or force (prana) influencing the bio-electrical systems in the body and promoting faster natural healing to ease pain and improve physical & emotional health. Reiki understands that pain, dis-ease and emotional stress is caused by a disruption of the natural flow of energy in the body.

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with factors going against that natural flow. Digital devices, no natural light, and a sedentary lifestyle all can negatively impact our own electromagnetic field. All of this stimulation can trigger a “fear” or “anxiety”, which are both restrictions of energy. These fears stop us from feeling open and moving freely. They trigger the fight-or-flight response and the bio electricity moves in a contracting way, restricting the flow of energy. Over time, your muscles and organs can’t do their job properly and symptoms start to appear.

Through energy work, the reiki practitioners use their hands on precise points on the body to restore this natural bio electrical flow, usually without touching the body (and sometimes hands on). This helps to remove blockages and allows for the the energy to circulate freely again—able to reach the areas where it’s needed most. Reiki transforms pain & emotional stress in the body & mind by restoring the natural flow of energy.  Reiki has successfully treated a wide range of symptoms including: Back & neck pain, lower back pain, stuck emotions (eg around the heart), low energy & chronic fatigue, nausea, headaches & migraines, grief, anxiety, depression, general wellbeing support.

Reiki Trainings are run regularly at Yogatime, education people about the Reiki approach, and training them to become qualified reiki practitioners.