How To Keep Your Vibration High

Currently, the collective vibration in Sydney is heavy, there is a lot of ‘thinking’, fear, and more dark than light. Fear by nature will start to pull you down. Inevitably there is a sinking feeling… people experiencing losing their power. The picture here is to try to keep a candle lit in the wind. It’s very challenging. We feel stuck, lack of motivation, and everything feels really hard, heavy. That’s an absolute sign that our vibrations are really low… a feeling of stagnation. And it’s not so much of what’s going in inside us individually, but we are highly affected by what’s going on around us as well. There is heavy energy around us right now.

It’s important to know that we don’t have to be that. We can shift that vibration, but it takes more personal power to change it. This is why we have spiritual practice so we can shift our vibration regardless of what’s going on around us. The guiding wisdom is to bring light back and raise the vibration. And my intention today is to give you a sense of lifting. I really want to raise the spirit with you by sharing these words and tips.

It’s important to understand how we are affected by different vibrations and energies. High vibrations are serenity, oneness, hope, creativity, love. Low vibrations are fear, depression, control, anger. We are highly affected by what’s going on around us and that’s why movement and action right now are so important. When things are pulling us in or make us feel stuck, we need to keep moving. The action here really is to bring light in.

Below are some tips, thoughts, and inspiration on how to keep your vibrations high

✨Give yourself the space to be silent

✨The guiding wisdom to all this is surrender (connect to this wisdom)

✨Things need to keep moving…literally keep moving through exercise, breathwork, body-


✨Connect to the ‘child spirit’: that is a state of wonder and curiosity

✨’Wake up’ and know that there are people around you. Keep connecting to each other.

✨Keep the Mind open and flexible

✨Simplify. Keep things and life simple

✨Take time to reflect on how you are affecting the world around you and how you are affected by the world around you (what am I taking on and what am I putting out)

✨You must have moments of total nothing, of total silence in your day (have the self-awareness if you keep yourself constantly busy)

✨The real guiding spirit is Self-love- be kind to yourself, have boundaries, keep your heart open and connected

✨Approach life from a perspective of opportunity rather than battle, challenge, and destruction

✨ Really be your own light. Your own source of light.


Trust that your higher self can see through all this and that this will pass. You’ll be able to move through this.