Absolute Beginners Course with Wiebke & Ruby

Yoga can help you make a shift into a happier life and we are so excited to show you the first step onto this path of transformation. We truly hope you will enjoy this course and looking forward to connecting with you!

Absolutely NO EXPERIENCE is needed you guys so please DO NOT LET the fact that you may have never done yoga before in your life stop you.⁠⁠ ⁠⁠

This lively and interactive e-learning beginners course will prepare you properly for your in studio practice and give you confidence for your first class!

Wiebke & Ruby will walk you through the most common postures and teach you how to align and how to safely transition in and out of each pose. There are eight modules and each module breaks down one or two asanas (yoga poses), including health benefits, personal transformation stories (how yoga has transformed Wiebke’s and Ruby’s life). offering you a solid foundation for building and integrating your yoga practice into your life.

What to expect

250+ minutes of video content

Feel like you’re in a one-on-one session with intimate and dynamic footage, guiding you on your journey.

Bite sized modules

Digestable length for each module to stay clear of overload, making it easy to listen and participate in

Not just what, but how

We teach you HOW to find the right alignment and transition safely in and out of the pose

Interactive & Personalised

Ruby and Wiebke both teach and share their own story and experiences, making this course fun, interactive and easy to follow

What you'll learn

  • Origins of Yoga
  • Yoga as a way of living
  • Health benefits
  • Personal stories how yoga has transformed Wiebke's and Ruby's lives
  • How to breathe correctly in your practice
  • Different breathing techniques to calm the mind
  • How to connect movement with breath
  • Yogic breathing
  • Ujaii Breath
  • Alignment and transition of Downward Dog
  • Alignment and transition ofChildspose
  • Health Benefits
  • How to connect the poses to breath
  • Alignment of Mountain Pose
  • Purpose of Savasana
  • Health Benefits
  • Alignment of Warrior One and Warrior Two
  • Transitioning in between the poses
  • Health Benefits
  • how to connect to breath
    • Alignment of Chaturanga dandasana (low plank pose)
    • Alignment of Cobra
    • Alignment of Updog
    • Transitioning in between the poses
    • Modifications
    • Health benefits
    • Alignment of Surya A and B
    • Health Benefits
    • How to connect each pose with breath
    • how to move and transition in between the poses
    • How to move through a basic vinyasa class safely
    • How to transition into lunging poses
    • Practice Hip openers
    • Practice Gentle backbends
    • Experience a beginners flow class from beginning to end
    • How to use a yoga block
    • How to use a yoga bolster
    • Health benefits of yoga props
    • Helpful tips for your first in studio class
    • How to position yourself in the room
    • How to connect to the teacher and other students
    • How to find confidence

    Online Beginners Course


    Easy to digest, interactive modules

    Tips on how to best prepare for your first in-studio class so you can step outside the virtual learning experience!

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