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The Tools To Support Your Health & Wellbeing Journey

Our self-guided digital courses, educate and empower you to live more mindfully. Sleep better, manage stress, and live your life more grounded, balanced and fulfilled.

Little (online) Healing Haven

A destination visited by many people to learn accessible and impactful practices to shift from fight or flight to Flow.

Energetic Body Practices

Supporting radiant health, vitality and sustained energy for your entire body.

Guided Meditations

Over 300+ minutes of guided meditations, visualisations & nidra practices enabling you to focus and calm your mind.

Restorative practices

Immerse yourself deeply in restorative practices helping you to unplug, unwind and get better, deeper sleep.

Fluid Flow

Rich and dynamic library of yoga classes. Vinyasa flow based. Different lengths to choose from.

Little (online) Healing Haven

One stop shop for restorative practice, mindfulness and stress reduction.

Absolute Beginners Course

Absolutely NO EXPERIENCE is needed you guys so please do not let the fact that you may have never done yoga before in your life stop you.⁠⁠ ⁠⁠


Offering a solid foundation for building your yoga practice

Get Confident

Step by step learning. We are getting you ready and confident for your in studio practice.

Module learning

short and compact class lessons breaking down principles and common yoga poses

Health benefits

Covering of health benefits and important yoga history

Absolute Beginners Course with Wiebke & Ruby

Interactive and fun e-learning course to get you confident and ready for your in studio practice

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