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Online Healing Haven

Accessible online practices helping you to shift from fight or flight to flow

Online Yoga, Restorative Practices & Mindfulness

What to expect

Restorative Practices

so you can sleep better, feeling calmer and more grounded.

Energy medicine tools

Accessible practices to clear your energy body

Quality audio experiences

Guided meditations helping to calm the mind, gain more clarity and focus

Over 35 hours of video class content

intimate footage from our little Bali in Bondi sanctuary guiding you through your yoga practice

What you'll learn

How to move fluidly with your breath through your practice

Practical tools to calm your mind

How to release stress and stagnant energy

How to clear your energy body

Guided meditations to manage your thoughts and emotions

About Wiebke

Over the last 18 years as a Psychologist and founder of the yoga & health clinic Yogatime, Wiebke’s mission has been to help people live a life in flow, overcoming their anxiety and fears.

Wiebke is a psychologist & energy healing expert working as a practitioner in one on one settings to reduce her clients stress levels, anxiety, depression and pain. After over 18 years of developing her formula, she works with hundreds of students and corporate clients in Australia and Germany.

Her combined formula of body & energy work, breathing exercises, focussed movement and meditation helps to reach and sustain new levels of energy and clarity so people can feel better, more liberated. Wiebke’s mission is to provide a safe and grounded place,  so you can rest, heal and re-connect to your authentic soul path.

What makes our online offering different

Embracing Energy

Our classes and practices are focussed on increasing your prana flow for radiant health, vitality and sustained energy for your entire body. How? You will learn about your subtle body, reiki, prana, chi & meridians, yin and more empowering you to epxeience juicy radiance and felt wellbeing.

Restorative practices

Our online membership specialises in restorative practices. This is beneficial for those who are looking to reduce stress, restore their nervous-system or are on their recovery journey. Yoga Nidra, Yin & guided meditations are life-force generating practices.

Science based

Our online offering combines Psychology, Yoga & Energy Healing practices. Wiebke has a background as a research psychologist and all practices offered through our online channel have a proven impact on health & wellbeing.

Online Healing Haven.

One time payment of $60

No subscription

Life long access

You will have access to:

Energy hygiene practices boosting your wellbeing

Yoga nidra for better sleep & restoration

Great variety in class length; morning, midday, evening practices

Guided meditations for all levels 

Yin immersions supporting your nervous system & helping you feeling safe

Authentic practices empowering you to connect more deeply to yourself


One time payment

How to make most out of online yoga practices?

We have compiled a few suggestion to help you guide through the terrain of online yoga practice…

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