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Welcome to your absolute yoga beginners course

We are so grateful and happy you are here! The practice of yoga has transformed our lives and it is our heart’s deepest desire to share with you our love for yoga and help you to live a happier, more fulfilled life (yes that is possible through yoga!). Wiebke has suffered from anxiety for many years and yoga was the gateway into her healing transformation. She is the founder of Yogatime, a boutique community-based yoga school in the middle of Bondi Beach, where she teaches yoga to hundreds of students each year, offering energy healing, reiki training, and yoga beginner courses for students all over the world. Ruby lives with her partner and their gorgeous daughter in the Netherlands, offering retreats in Europe and still traveling the world sharing the love of the practice with many.

Yoga can help you make a shift into a happier life and we are so excited to show you the first step onto this path of transformation. We truly hope you will enjoy this course and looking forward to connecting with you!


Wiebke & Ruby

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Absolute Beginners Course

In this course, Wiebke & Ruby will walk you through the basic and most common postures in a yoga class. Each of the modules breaking down one or two asanas (yoga poses). The way we designed the course is that in each module you can first sit down, listen and relax while we talk you through the basics and theory. Then you’ll be invited to practice what you just learned with us together. Setting basic foundational yogic principles and movement with the breath offers you a solid foundation for building your yoga practice. Getting you ready and confident for your in studio practice.

Quantity: 8 Modules

Time: Average module length 20 min

Three helpful tips that transformed our online yoga practice

Create the atmosphere: Make sure you find a quiet spot so you can settle. Put on some gentle music, light some candles, clear the space. Make the area sacred and yours. Over time you will feel how the energy in your little home studio becomes more and more pure and you will need less time to settle into your home practice.


Call it out and BE HERE: You paid for this membership. You carved out valuable time in your schedule so be here and be present. This is your time. Your space. your self care. Enjoy the luxury of having 30, 40 or 60 min for yourself. Train your brain to be present and focussed and develop discipline for your online practice. Over time you’ll see your online practice will become more and more effective and you’ll be able to put boundaries down that protect your sacred home practice.


Set the intention for this practice. Take a few moment prior to sit and breathe and take the time to tune in and connect energetically. Gather all of our awareness into the now right before you click play. Set your sacred attention for this class you choose to practice today. Be with it and allow this intention to trickle into your field.