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I am currently away from the Sydney office for the month of February. I have availability for healings and coaching online for my Sydney based clients. I have face to face availability for Northern Rivers and Brisbane clients.


To book call or text to 0405 945 748 (Wiebke’s phone) to arrange a time and day.

Wiebke is usually booked up one week in advance. So its good to get in touch early to make your appointment the week after.

Holistic Signature Treatment

Using a combination of different healing techniques (reiki, radiance, resonance, hypnosis and bodywork), this treatment is designed to clear energy blockages and restore the natural flow (of energy) in the body. This treatment will be mainly hands on and sometimes hands off. The therapist will spend some time in the beginning to assess your current and unique life situation and tune into your energy body identifying areas that are blocked, weak, or need strengthening. By removing energy blockages the energy will flow freely again, promoting healing on a deeper level. The result of this treatment can be experienced in the reduction of stress and tension in the body, mental clarity, and profound inner calm. This treatment is mainly hands-on and Wiebke works with your fascia, connecting tissue, meridians and main energy centres. It includes some talk therapy and gentle hypnosis to help relax the mind and allow for perspective shift and access of inner resources and capabilities.

Very beneficial for relieving pain or discomfort, poor digestion, menstrual pain, headache, the tension in back and belly, knee pain, low energy, emotional stress & imbalances.Weak energy fields will be strengthened and overactive energy fields will be re-balanced. this treatment is available with Wiebke only. Please check availability before booking.

Before and after the session, you will have an opportunity to receive guidance from Wiebke, where you will talk about anything that might have come up for you during the session or what is present in your life right now where you need some guidance.

Clients describe their state of being after as ‘lighter, feeling so much better, happier, more grounded & reconnected”.

Health Investment:

$180 (90 min)

$150 (60 min)

How to book:

Text/call 0405 945 748.

Energy Centre Balance

Reiki Healing and Consult

Balancing the correspondences between centres helps to unify the connection between the heart, mind and body.  Experience a full body healing, through the power and love of Reiki. These Healing sessions are for you, if you have been feeling tired or exhausted, and you’d like to receive an energy tune up, a full body recharge or deep relaxation for your entire nervous system. This is a deeply calming and profound balance – ideal to have during times of emotional stress.

Before and after the session, you will have an opportunity to receive guidance from Wiebke, where you will talk about anything that might have come up for you during the session. Every single Reiki Energy Healing session is different and unique, always working with your highest good and bringing an abundance of love, light, calm and release. If you would like more information or if you have a specific question for Wiebke, send an email to: wiebkequeisser@gmail.com

Health Investment:

$150 (60 min)

How to book?

Text/call 0405 945 748



Wiebke is a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. She offers hypnosis and talk therapy and has been working with many clients helping them to break unhealthy or unhelpful patters. This therapy is for you if you are ready to tackle the deeper patterns, thoughts and beliefs. This form of therapy will help you to make longer lasting changes so you can move through life with much more grace and ease

Energy Healing FAQ

Not sure if energy healing is for you? We have answered many questions and created this energy healing FAQ for you. We recommend to read through it before booking your first session. Many of our clients found this very helpful and supportive for their decision making process.

Interesting Energy Research

Did you know?

Energy Healing has a profound effect on experienced stress levels and a positive effect on almost every system in our body (M.D. Anderson Research Hospital).

Energy Medicine can reduce anxiety and depression symptoms creating a sense of deep calm and flow in the nervous system. (David Feinstein, Energy Psychology).

Reiki reduces stress & tension in the body, promoting in lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and has benefits for treating pain, stress disorder & depression. (Harvard Medical School).

Three things you can do straight away to start connecting to your energy body

Place your hands on your body. Connect to the healing warmth that flows from your hands into that body part. Imagine healing light moving from the palms of your hands into the body.

Visualise pure, clean light coming into your body on each inhale. Filling yourself up with pure, light and clean energy.

Shake off ‘bad chi’. Stand tall and start to shake it off. Shake your entire body for a minute or two.

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