Mullumbimby Yin & Reiki Masterclass


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Join Wiebke, founder of our little Bali in Bondi, Reiki Master & Psychologist for two hours of divine healing and health restoration. Relax bliss fully into yin poses while you’ll receive some healing touch. Wiebke will work with your body’s bio energy field to support overall restoration and calmness of the nervous system.

This Masterclass is dedicated to the meridians of Spring. In Chinese Medicine- Wood is the primary element of spring and in the organ system is represented by the liver and gall bladder and aligned with Anahata, the 4th chakra. Like Spring where nature begins slowly to shed the cobwebs from winter and expands beautiful energy outwards, wood is associated with vitality, strength and new beginnings.  On a physical level we will support our liver, so we can move forward with clarity, balance and inner strength as we move towards spring and summer.


You will receive Reiki throughout the evening.


When: Saturday September  30th, 4pm (ends 6pm)

Investment: $45

Location: The Zenden Yogastudio Ocean Shores

17 Mudges Road

2483 Ocean Shores


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