Reiki Level Two Training


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This training will give you knowledge and felt understanding of the fundamentals of energy healing practitioner work so you can successfully incorporate them into client work.  During the two days you will have plenty of opportunity to ‘practice heal’ to apply what you have learned and to find your own authentic healer gift and voice. We will learn the three sacred reiki symbols and how to effectively use them in the healing process within a comfortable group dynamic through practice, theory, homework, and discussion. You will explore and learn about common energetic misalignments and how to treat them, allowing you to feel confident so you can provide a space where your clients feel safe and cared for.




$400 (includes reiki certification), payment plan available


​Training hours ​

February 2024

17th and 18th Sat and Sun


Saturday Training hours: 10am-3pm

Sunday Training Hours: 11am-5pm


If you received your level one accreditation with us you’ll receive a discount. Please contact us before booking.