Signature Healing Treatment Initial Consult



Very beneficial for relieving pain or discomfort, poor digestion, menstrual pain, headache, tension in back and belly, knee pain, low energy, emotional stress & imbalances. Weak energy fields will be strengthened and overactive energy fields will be re-balanced.

Clients describe their state of being after as ‘lighter, deeply restored, more grounded & reconnected”.

The therapist will start the session by assessing the client’s general situation and wellbeing (emotional, physical) through some targeted questions. This helps to understand our client’s needs and also helps the client to get more clarity on what they want from the healing treatment. After you’ll be lying down comfortably on a therapy table and the therapist will start with the healing treatment. Sometimes she works hands-on, releasing tension and energetic blocks in the fascial trains and connective tissue. Sometimes she’ll be working hands-off moving energy or increasing the energy flow for some centers of the body. Your nervous system will be deeply restored and your energetic body gently balanced and realigned.






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