End of Year Soulful Closure 2023


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This time of the year often lets arise to the surface a stronger receptivity to what really matters. It’s a time of reflection and a time to refresh our commitments and intentions so we can follow our inner most truest path. You are warmly invited to a  soulful and heart-felt wind-down to this year.

This evening is an invitation to reflect, to come together, to celebrate in sacred ceremony, to write your own reflections and to be guided through thoughtful questions of inquiry that will help you to find closure with things you want to leave behind, to forgive what you need to forgive and to celebrate your growth and all that you are…


Wiebke will guide this evening and will provide healing touch to clear any stagnant energy and to help to raise the vibrations for 2024.

When: December 13th, 7pm
Investment: $45


As always for this event-We will donate the tickets to a thoughtfully selected small charity


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