Ultimate Guide to Calm Your Nerves




If you are preparing for a presentation at work, you have an important interview,  or you are waiting for some results, any situation really where you have uncertainty, ambiguity and you feel really nervous about. This ultimate guide will help you to refocus, calm your mind and soothe your fight or flight response.


Wiebke shares three effective practices that will help you to relax more and become more comfortable with ambiguity and the not knowing. We know that we can’t influence anything in the outer world but we can skillfully learn how to respond to it in a way that is most useful and supports us in any given circumstances. Through these effective and easy to learn practices you will learn how to reduce any irritation or anxiety. Allowing you to meet the situation with more ease, focus and clarity.


Investment: $55

2x 20 min high-quality videos

3x parts including:

​1x guided practice on how to ground back into your body

1x guided practice to clear and purify your energy body

1x guided practice to ‘open the gate’ to the unknown, helping you to really step in and be there

1x guided visualisation & meditation to reduce anxiety and calm your mind


1x PDF on energetic principles (how to ground, how to let go, how to cleanse your energy body and more..)


All the above practices provide value for both, beginner & more those who are more advanced in their meditation/spiritual self-care practice