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What makes us different


We are about the little things, from the moment you walk into our healing sanctuary you feel at home, safe and cared for. The energy we created in the space will create the first step of energetic shift needed for your practice, health and wellbeing.

We are

The healing we provide is soft and pure and it comes from a very humble place. We believe coming from a humble place provides the power off true mastery and healing.

Science based

We combine Psychology, yoga and Energy Healing. We believe in order to feel good on the inside, we need a a clear mind and a healthy body. Through reconnecting with our physical structure and aligning energetically, our mind can quieten and becomes clear. That allows us to perform better, have more creativity and step into our lives grounded and joyful.

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Check out our incredible yoga studio, class offerings and immersive yoga events


We think creatively about health and offer science based energy healing treatments. 

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More than a Yoga Studio.

Energy Trainings

Know how to get your energy back quickly when you lose it.

Learn How to clear your mind when it’s fuzzy.

Learn how to ground into your feet when you feel anxious

4 tips of mindfulness

Mindfulness can help

We live in a world of constant change, fast pace and stress and that is just part of our life. Here are four simple mindfulness practices you can implement daily to find more calm in your daily grind.

Close your eyes, ground into your feet and feel the connection to the earth. Take 5 deep, slow, long breaths.

Seated: Close your eyes and count to four for the inhale and to four on the exhale, finding balance in your in- and out breath. Do this for 5 minutes or as long as you like.

Place your hands on your heart and close your eyes. Silently repeat the mantra: ‘I am right here’ on the inhale and ‘I am connected’ on the exhale for 3 minutes

Grab your free mindfulness worksheet.

Grab your free mindfulness worksheet. We have got a few handy tips for you to calm your mind so you can settle.

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What our clients say

"After years of racing through life, I am being called to explore ways which support me slowing down. Reiki offers me a sense of deep presence and greater awareness of my energy, how to access this light energy and the ways I can share it with others. The power of Reiki is it's subtle and accessible nature. When sharing Reiki I feel a sense of expansiveness, spaciousness, while being fully grounded in my body. Reiki master teacher, Wiebke Queisseer led me through my level one and level two attunements at Yogatime. Wiebke celebrates the lineage and power of Reiki so fully. The course is an example of embodied learning, providing the perfect balance of theory and practice, with a real clinic client experience as part of the level two weekend training. I'm excited about layering Reiki with Yin and KINDRED meditation for students, as well as sharing the light of Reiki to benefit animals/pets and little people i.e children"


‘Reaching out for Wiebke Queisser to help me channel a sense of energy I didn't know how to handle has been a game changer. In Reiki level one, under her guidance, I quickly learned simple tools to be familiar with this healing energy within and around me, and to cultivate it in a positive way. I particularly appreciated Wiebke's 'down to earth' and kind approach. She taught me how to be comfortable with using reiki for self care and the well being of people dear to my heart. Since then, I make space for more grounding practices, incorporating meditation and self reiki into my days. These routines help me now to better navigate stressful, busy or demanding times. I wish I would have learned from her wisdom earlier on in my life as I feel more in tune with myself nowadays.’


‘I have always been drawn towards Reiki. I had heard about it, tried it during my travels in Bali and I was curious. A part of me believed that you needed to have special skills to be a practitioner, but I realised during the course that you only need the right tools. I found my answers in my Reiki Level 2 guided by the wonderful Wiebke, in little Bali, an inspiring space, and have since been able to use this experience to help others. Wiebke made everybody feel part of the group, which contributed to a great team dynamic. For me, the beauty of reiki is the unblocking and unlocking of energy in the body, it gave me confidence and the practical part gave the opportunity to experience it myself. Reiki definetly helps me to stay present and grounded, I used to take on others feelings without any boundaries. Sometimes I felt bad and didn’t even know why. Reiki helps me to keep myself healthy, grounded and is like an anchor in life where you can always come back to to feel connected to yourself and to the world around you.’


‘I booked a healing session at Yogatime as I was feeling rather restless and unsettled, both personally and professionally. When I met Wiebke I was immediately comforted by her gracious and calming presence. I have had several healing sessions since – each one has been a different experience and always provides a sense of calm, relaxation and sometimes great insight. Wiebke’s practice is quite frankly amazing as she creates a unique, person-centered experience in a beautiful setting. I absolutely love my sessions with Wiebke and have recommended her to several colleagues who also thoroughly enjoy her work. I recently attended the Energetic Body Masterclass which was incredibly powerful and extremely beneficial. I look forward to continuing my healing journey with Wiebke at Yogatime.’

“Wiebke’s energy healings have reminded me that there is so much more going on than what we can see. These energy healings have focused and directed me, opening me up to my intuitive wisdom and creating space and choices that I may not have taken otherwise. Reiki has given me a shift in energy that I was not able to obtain from other talking therapies. Sometimes we need a shift in our body to make a shift in our mind and this is what changed in my life after these sessions. Generously, Wiebke produced a personal meditation/mantra for me, which I used/use daily, numerous times. I was dedicated to this as I had a particular (and very stressful) issue going on in my life. The outcome could not have been better, in fact it surpassed my expectations. I do credit this to the work I did together at Yogatime with Wiebke and the empowerment that I felt from being seen and understood.”


“ I have done Reiki level 1 and 2 at Yogatime with Wiebke and I can proudly say that it has changed my life for the better. I had some energy healing done a few years ago to help me unlock some internal blockages and after feeling the impact it had on me, I knew I would one day become a Reiki practitioner to help people in return. Having done my Reiki training with Wiebke is the best decision I made. Wiebke has an extensive knowledge in Reiki and energy healing. She has been doing it for years and she is an incredible teacher, she is soft and she makes the whole experience unforgettable. Plus, the energy she created around her space is safe and very comfortable. The quality of her training is the best there is.  Learning Reiki has helped me being more self-aware, more comfortable and more in control of my feelings and emotions.  It is also amazing to being able to help other people in need."


“I did the Reiki level I and II courses at Yogatime and couldn't have asked for a better experience. Wiebke is so knowledgable and created a really safe and intimate space that allowed us to trust and tune in to our own abilities. It was a truly sacred journey and I can't recommend enough!”


“If I could I would give Yogatime more than 5 stars. I couldn't recommend this studio more. Besides the classes and teachers being amazing, I have done both my Reiki Level 1 and 2 at Yogatime with Wiebke and I can honestly say it was one of the most humbling experiences. Wiebke presence, energy and knowledge is so authentic and you come away feeling so comfortable and capable to use reiki as part of your own personal journey or with clients. i would highly recommended either doing these courses or experiencing the Yin & Reiki night or one of her treatments.”


"I just completed L1 Reiki training. For someone who has very high expectations, I can say that they had all been met. What a lovely studio and very professional run. If your thinking of doing your training do it here you won't regret it. ✔✔✔✔✔"

Sarah E

"The reiki session I had with Wiebke, was truly a beautiful experience. I released a lot and am feeling lighter now, and even more connected with my partner. It made me realise this is something to do on a more regular basis, t further release some of the tension in my body.'


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Check out our incredible yoga studio, class offerings and immersive yoga events

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We think creatively about health and offer science based energy healing treatments. 

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More than a Yoga Studio.

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