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Grief Interventions in Reiki Therapy


This workshop will give provide you with education on grief so you can understand your clients better. You’ll get framework that will enable you to support your clients on their grieving journey and you’ll be better equipped with successful tools you can share with your client. It will enable you to establish a strong and trusted relationship with your client and help them to transform and move forward (vs. a ‘one off’ reiki session).


11th October Wednesday


Investment: $75

 We will end this workshop with some grounding and healing Yin and reiki.

Spring Yin & Reiki Masterclass

In Chinese Medicine- Wood is the primary element of spring and in the organ system is represented by the liver and gall bladder and aligned with Anahata, the 4th chakra. Like Spring where nature begins slowly to shed the cobwebs from winter and expands beautiful energy outwards, wood is associated with vitality, strength and new beginnings.  On a physical level we will support our liver, so we can move forward with clarity, balance and inner strength as we move towards spring and summer.

When: Wednesday November 15th, 6.30pm (ends 8.30pm)

Investment: $55

4 week Restorative Yin and Mindfulness Course


NEXT DATE: September 6th


Each evening includes some theory on latest research on neuro plasticity (how the brain and mind work). You’ll then immerse in guided meditation techniques and buddhist based healing methods. Each class ends with restorative yin and healing reiki for a deep restore for your body & nervous system. We will gather at the studio, it will be complete safe environment and a small group of like-minded people. The entire course is designed to help you restore, recharge and rest. Anxiety and stress levels will drop and you will feel less anxious or rushed. So come and join me for a weekly immersion into rest and digest and restorative practice.


check out a little video I’ve put together for you describing the course content more for you:


Wednesday, September 6th  (four weeks every Wednesday starting 6th Sep)


Investment: $200

Payment plan available

50 hr Trauma sensitive Yin Teacher Training March 2024

MARCH 2024

This Yin teacher training has a unique focus on trauma sensitive teachings and energetics in relation to yin yoga. You will learn core principles of trauma informed yin practice and gain knowledge to apply in your work, practice and teachings. All sessions are live and in-person (no pre-recorded content), and the intimate group size allows a greater impact on the individual and provides a beautiful safe space for us to come together and immerse fully into the healing practices of yin and energetics.


Investment: $990 early bird till February 1st 2024; $1200 after

Including Reiki L1 certification (value $400)


We only have 10 spots. Therefore book in early to reserve your spot. We had a waitlist for this years March 2023 training. 

Live your life aligned to your soul path

We had a chat with our founder Wiebke on how to live a life that is aligned to our unique soul path. Wiebke has created this worksheet with tips & inspirational questions to remind & inspire you on what's important for YOU in this mystical and beautiful life.

Reiki Trainings

Our Reiki Program is a world-class professional development training for individuals seeking knowledge and practice in energy medicine, self- and healing others.

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