Yin & Reiki Classes

Yin Yoga cultivates wholesome states of relaxation and enhanced immune function. Reiki supports the body’s own life force energy and unlocks greater health and well-being.

Students experience a clearing of energetic blockages and leave with a calm, refreshed mind, feeling mentally, physically, and spiritually rejuvenated.

Join Wiebke, founder of Yogatime and our little Bali in Bondi on Sunday evenings at 5.30pm for 60 minutes of restorative yin & reiki bliss.

On most days our space is either in use for one on one healing session, healing workshops, yin teacher trainings or sound healings. Please click here to check out our holistic offerings for self development and emotional wellbeing.

Wiebke Queisser

Founder and studio owner. Wiebke (pronounced Veebka) started her career as a psychologist working in a hospital in Germany, later on continued in the health industry completing her yoga teacher training in Sydney, Australia. Wiebke found that including energy healing & other holistic mindbody practices in her work transformed the way the clients felt, opening up a channel of trust, safety and ease. In 2016 she founded our little Bali in Bondi and offers boutique and holistic yoga classes, trainings and workshops to the local community. To learn more about her and her work click here 

Our story

From Yogatime to Healing Haven

Our yoga studio has changed since the pandemic and transformed into a holistic healing centre. All the offerings are carefully curated to promote healing, calming the nervous system and allowing time to restore and recharge. We pride ourselves with offering small and personalised classes and workshops since 2016. The average class size is 6-8 students. As soon as you walk through our garage doors you will feel the authentic, down to earth and warm energy welcoming you to enjoy and grow your practice and all the benefits that come with it.

The Healing Haven

Our studio is a haven of unheated, authentic classes and trainings with down to earthy vibes. The studio is cosy warm in winter and we don't use any extra heating in summer. We offer holistic workshops with topics on meditation, mental health, personal development and mindfulness, thus our approach to yoga is holistic as well as therapeutic.

A little Bali

Tucked away from the busy main streets we created a little Bali in Bondi. Move through your practice and enjoy views into our little Balinese inspired garden. In summer the doors are open and you can relax into the calming sounds of the birds and nature right in the middle of Bondi Beach!

Why us?

We care

From the moment you walk into our healing sanctuary you feel at home, safe and cared for. The energy we created in the space will create the first step of energetic shift needed for your practice, health and wellbeing.

We are authentic

Our teachers are real people who really get you! Their teachings and healing power are coming from very humble & grounded place. We believe coming from an authentic place provides the power off true mastery and healing.

Science Based Healing

We combine Psychology, Yoga and Energy Healing in all that we offer. Often Yoga is just taught as a physical practice. We believe of the importance to include the subtle body (energy) the mind (psychology) and the breath (pranayama) in everything we teach and offer backed up by science and research.

Interesting Yoga Research

Did you know?

Research shows (Harvard Medical School( that mind-body-practices can have a positive effect on almost every system in your body. Yoga helps us to get a better body image and allows us to eat more mindfully as we become more aware of how our body feels. Practicing Yoga soothes anxiety and stress levels and we feel stronger and more recharged.

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